Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kingpin #39

If you did not already know that the new Kingpin is out, then never mind, for I am telling you now: at last the UK's most interesting and most irregular chess magazine is available again.

Among the masters and grandmasters writing in the new issue are Tony Kosten, Gary Lane and Tibor Karolyi: among the rest are Martin Regan, new head of the English Chess Federation. There is a long article about (you will be surprised to hear) the Penguin and a piece about the toilet-related dispute at the last World Championship match, the author of which is the present writer.

I also contribute some book reviews - which are followed by a piece from Amatzia Avni complaining about negative reviews, which suggests that he won't much have liked what I've written about his latest book.

Buy it now and subsidise my lifestyle. A single issue will cost you £5.95, a UK sub £16 for three issues or £30 for six. Cheques payable to Kingpin: send to 54 Hamilton Road, Oxford OX2 7PZ. Online orders via here.

Better value than investing in your pension, and not likely to arrive before it does.


ejh said...

My copy has arrived - and I note that in the section of my review observing that Everyman books often have garbled variations, I give a variation in which the same move is made twice.

Hey ho.

Tom Chivers said...

Guess where I've been reading my copy?

Anonymous said...

In the toilet?

I shall definitely get a copy but never knowing when the next issue is coming out leads me not to want to subscribe.

Tom Chivers said...

On the other hand, the slower the magazine eeks out, the better the deal financially, what with inflation and all that. £30 in tomorrow's money might not even buy you a pack of peanuts. Who knows?

Martin C said...

I once misguidedly took out an annual subscription back in the days before a number of issues was specified and as only one issue was produced that year that was all I got!