Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brentwood Congratulations

The second Brentwood International Chess Congress took place two weekends ago. Several Streatham and Brixton Chess Club players took part, with Robin Haldane doing well to score 3/5 in a very strong Open that was eventually won jointly by Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson and International Master Odion Aikhoje, each on 4½/5. However, pride of place from our chess club goes to Alan Hayward who with 4½/5 finished second in the 67-player strong Major, winning himself £150 no less. Here's his thumping last-round win against Upminster's Aidan Corish:

If you'd like to see more games from what seems to have been a very successful event, then check out the tournament's website, which in fact features a lot more besides: votes about the structure of next year's congress, a message board, photographs, results, and news of their upcoming events. Who knows? Next time, it could be you in the prizes.

PS. There's also a report in The Daily Telegraph chess column today.


ejh said...

Says Malcolm:

The 2nd Brentwood International took place at Brentwood School last weekend

No it didn't.

Anonymous said...

Does the player of white in this game even LOOK at what his opponent is planning?

ejh said...

Probably not, but his opponent did. Well done, Alan.