Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Killer Dutch, Rapidplays and Fancy Dress

[NB:- Now that EJH’s Twelve Puzzles of Christmas series has come to an end from today we’ll be resuming our usual MondayWednesdayFridayWeekend publishing schedule]

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By the time you read this the first three rounds of the S&BCC mid-season rapid-play will have been completed. We’ll have a full report on Friday but for now I’ll add the current scores on the doors at the bottom of today’s post as soon as I get them from Angus.

Have we really only been running this event for a couple of years? Angus won last year and Tom was victorious in 2008 but we don't seem to have a blog report for 2007. Only three years old but it already seems like a tradition to start the year's chessing with this event although unusually I've already sneeked in a little chessboard action in 2010.

I've been staying on the south coast for a few days and I spent last Monday evening in Hastings at Simon Williams' Dutch Defence themed tournament. Simon timed the tournament to coincide with the launch of his new DVD on the Dutch – as seen in the clip at the head of today’s blog - a copy of which I was very happy to purchase on the night. Unfortunately I then proceeded to demonstrate just how much I needed it as I lost all four of my games with Black. Not an ideal way to kick off the year!

Talking of quick play tournaments, the 87th Richmond Rapid play is this Sunday at the usual venue. Here’s a montage of photos from last September’s tournament. Hats (or rather berets) off to the crew who turned up dressed as Frenchies.

video and photographs by Peter Lalic

S&BCC Mid-season rapidplay scores at the halfway point ...

3.0 - Jonathan B
2.5 - Alan H, Andrew P
2.0 – Angus F, Jan K, Gary S, Dave H
1.5 – Martin S, Morgan D
1.0 – Barry B, Ash K, David S, Dean L-M, Stan R
0.0 – Robert B, Marc P


Tom Chivers said...

I'm photographically featured in two games - getting a lucky draw against Alexei Slavin, and about to play 19...Nxd4 against Ronnie Cohen, featured here. You'd think I'd look happier about it!

The French guys were there for Aidan Rawlinson's stag do. They all tried to play the French wherever possible, including reversed openings - 1.e3, 2.d3, 2.d4!

Sue Lalic said...


Thanks for mentioning Richmond.

Tom indeed looked like he would walk away with the tournament at the half way stage.

Bit like the modest S&B leader at the moment!

Jonathan B said...