Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad book covers XIX

Win In The Opening! Opening mistakes and how to punish them, Neishtadt, Olms, 2003

The Spanish Exchange Variation: A Fischer favourite, Kindermann, Olms, 2005

222 Opening Traps After 1.d4, Müller and Knaak, Olms, 2008

Zaubern wie Schachweltmeister Michail Tal:
Der Taktikratgeber mit 100 Opferkombinationen zum Selbstlösen
Müller and Stolze, Olms, 2010

[Also see this and frankly almost anything else published by Olms]

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Jon H said...

Also, The Joys of Chess by Hesse - interesting enough book, lousy cover.

Niall said...

Wow, The Joys of Chess, now that is bad! Although Tal looking like he's trying to grab chess-shaped fish out of a shower-themed aquarium has to be bordering on sacrilege.

Mike G said...

I like all these cover (both compositions and colours). In fact that is quite a characteristic pose for Tal (see the famous photo of him playing Fischer which can be found amongst other places on page 30 of Alexander's book on the Fischer-Spassky (1972) match).

Lopsy said...

The second one looks just horrible, ow! "Don't judge a book..." and all that, but still...

By the way, unrelated to the book covers but I'm not sure where else to put this:
This fanart looks like it contains a legitimate chess position- presumably with the kings obscured by the ponies' forelegs.
From the looks of Applejack's annoyed expression, Rainbow Dash has probably just played cxb6, just finishing up a combination to break past Applejack's pawn on a7.

Anonymous said...

De gustibus non est disputandum.

The Neistadt cover and the book about Tal are great covers. I really like them.