Monday, June 16, 2014

Ves and Vlad

Black to play
Topalov - Kramnik, Norway 2014

When’s not a good time to play an exchange sacrifice that doesn’t work out? When you’re playing your arch enemy, that’s when.

2014 ISE Count: 42
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Unknown said...

I like Topalov's 26 b3 and 27 Bd5.

Jonathan Rogers said...

possibly it was never quite enough, but it required the rather outstanding 26 b3 from Topalov actually to prove it.

JPS said...

I always thought that it is never a good idea to play sacrifices that don't work, no matter who is the opponent.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic game, really. What's the matter with Vlad? Was London the beginning of the end?

Anonymous said...

Well, he is 39 now and there is also the issue of his illness (which can only be contained, never cured)

But there is no doubt too that Topa messes his head up (even though he was the ultimate winner there) Psychologists would have a field day with this one, tbh ;)