Saturday, November 07, 2015

Definitely Got Nothing to do with chess IV

You must be out of your Goddamn mind if you think
The President is gonna bring the nation to the brink
Of meddling in the middle of a military mess
A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless
We signed a treaty with a King whose head is now in a basket
Would you like to take it out and ask it?

Any hope of success is fleeting
How can I keep leading when the people I’m
Leading keep retreating?
We put a stop to the bleeding as the British take Brooklyn
Knight takes rook, but look! We are outgunned.

No one really knows how the
Parties get to yes
The pieces that are sacrificed in
Every game of chess
We just assume that it happens
But no one else is in
The room where it happens.

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[Thanks to Richard McAleavey]

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