Tuesday, November 03, 2015

When You’re Mates With a Chesser

AZ: Strictly did a special chess dance routine J. You should watch it. I think it’s to get you on board. 
JB: What??? 
AZ: Watch it online. On i-player. 
JB: Are you having a turn? Are you sure this actually happened?

JB: The board’s the wrong way around. 
AZ: Really!!! That’s all you can say?


an ordinary chessplayer said...

There also seem to be white, black, and red pieces.

Anonymous said...

1968 grades all S+B. Could even be more. Worth an article, no? Top juniors and more. From Britbase

Robbins, T. W. (S) 216

Baldwin, T. D. (Battersea G.S.,
Streatham & Brixton) 199

McMinn, A. J. (Streatham & Brixton) 198

Hart, T. W. (Battersea G.S.,
Streatham & Brixton) 193

Wheeler, J. F. (Streatham & Brixton) 193

Johannes, R. L. (Dulwich College,
Streatham & Brixton) 190

Gittins, R. L. (Dulwich College,
Streatham & Brixton) 188

Drake, J. H. E. (Streatham & Brixton) 187

Jonathan B said...

Thanks anonymous. That’s amazing.

Definitely worth an article. If only there was more time for blogging.