Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My favourite moves I

Gata Kamsky v Anatoly Karpov

Dortmund 1993



Anonymous said...

Up to Black's tenth, the moves are the same as Svidler-Morozovich in round 10 of the current World Championship. In that game, Moro, chose to develop his king to f8. In both games, the White queen seemed not to be well-placed after adopting an apparently aggressive position on the kingside... I like Ke7 for its audacity.


Campion said...

Although the tactical reasons are different, this reminds me of a game I saw a while ago in some `best of' list/book, where Black (Yusupov?) is defending a French Defence, poss. the Winawer, with locked pawns on e5/d5, and Black plays ...Ke7 in order to get the Queen to h7(!) to exchange of the White Queen on d3.

This is all from memory and hideously unreliable. Does this ring a bell with anyone else?

ejh said...

Would a database search locate that for you? I don't own such a thing otherwise I'd check, but somebody on here must do.