Sunday, September 16, 2007

ToiletGate: Mission Impossible

The World Championship tournament in Mexico will, hopefully, help to erase memories of Elista 06 and all that khazi related embarrassment.

Not that computer assisted cheating at chess events is a new thing. Mission Impossible were there forty years ago.

PS: Mystic Speedy Malc is up to his old tricks again. In today's Sunday Telegraph he confidently predicts the UK - China Chess Summit "will be a tough slog" for the home side. That's the UK - China Chess Summit that ended a week ago in a 28-20 victory for the visitors in case you're not living in whatever Time Zone Malc calls home.

Let's end with a sneek preview of the opening credits of a brand new episode of Mission Impossible. Details of the plot are not yet available but the programme is believed to revolve around the likelihood of a poor down trodden chess journalist getting a column published in timely fashion.


ejh said...

Is that taken fom an actual game do you know? I thought it was going to be Anderssen-Dufresne for a moment.

Anonymous said...

best view of the board is around 3:02.

Looks composed to me. White is at least a piece and a pawn up (posibly two pieces if that's not a pawn on d4 but a bishop instead) prior to the double rook sacrifice.

very obvious Knight sac to finish off.

Could just be a 19th century (or earlier) hack I suppose.