Monday, November 12, 2007

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere...

Four interesting posts on four very different chess blogs caught my eye recently.
  • Firstly, the BCM Blog draws our attention to this petition calling for "One Member One Vote" at the ECF as a means to reinvigorate English Chess. The petition's initiated by Peter Sowray, who has got some interesting things to say. For instance:

    "I've been an official of the ECF for over a year now and I've never come across an organisation where it's so difficult to get things done. Walk into any ECF meeting and you think you're attending Nitpickers Anonymous.

    "If we're serious about reversing the decline [in English chess], it's going to take a lot more than the efforts of a few individuals. We must get the Federation working more effectively and encourage more people to get involved.

    "But who's going to participate unless his or her views are valued. Enfranchisement is the key. One Member, One Vote."

    Make sure you read the comments over at the BCM blog, too, before making your mind up.
  • Meanwhile, over at The Closet Grandmaster, they've been debating and voting on the question of whether a FIDE title is equivalent to a University Degree. This quote in particular caught my eye, although I won't add as to why: "There is no comparison in terms of difficulty between getting a gm title and getting even a PhD degree. Being an academic, I have met so many idiots finishing PhD degrees that the comparison sounds just plain stupid."
  • And over on the new blog of Barnet Chess Club, the question of when to resign or not has been raised once again. No comments yet - but the blog is little known, so do give it a visit and have your say to help them get going.

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