Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stop Press!

The Evening Standard isn't a newspaper I would generally recommend for very much in particular - but, today's issue is an exception.

Because the chess column, I'm told, features a win by a certain chess club's President... So I'm off to pick up my copy now.


Here's a scan for those who missed it:

And the solution also:

(Click the images for larger versions.)


ejh said...

Well done Angus. Is that the game that was in Chess Today?

ejh said...

Incidentally, talking of chess in the papers, here is today's report from Diario del Alto-Aragón. Unfortunately you only get a shortened version online, so you can't read the bit about Roberto Cifuentes' tournament victory ahead of somebody called Harold Plaskett.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks.

Yes, it's the position which Chess Today - and this blog (it would be great to think Leonard Barden was a reader) - published a while ago...

Robin tells me he had a position - from his 'Haldane Hack' variation and taken from the club's Knightmare magazine - in the ES in 1977 ('the year of punk'). I wonder if it could be reproduced here?

Justin, I can just about make you out in the thumbnail picture; unfortunately your local paper requires an online subscription to show an enlarged version.


Tom Chivers said...

I have a scanner in my office & would certainly feature Robin's position!

I wonder how LB knew you were from Streatham Angus if not via the blog?

ejh said...

Or via Google, or by asking somebody (a much under-rated search strategy).

ejh said...

Oh - is there not a misprint in the solution?

Tom Chivers said...

Oh yes, well spotted.