Friday, November 23, 2007

Fast one

In the two and a half enjoyable years I lived in Brixton (which is why I always insist on saying the club's full name rather than abbreviating it) I was offered many, many things for sale just outside the Tube station. Some of which were actually legal. But not once was I ever offered chess.

I'm a very long way from South London now. But reading the Brixton forum of the Urban75 website yesterday, I saw the following posting, made on Wednesday night:
There's a man outside the tube challenging people to games of speed chess. He says he's raising money to go and see his sick dad in Jamaica. He also says he's Jamaica's number one speed chess champion, even if it's all a load of cobblers - the chess is good
On further investigation he turns out to be the bloke in the film below, seen in Edinburgh during the Festival in 2006.

So - have any of our readers seen him? Is he still there? Has he raised enough money to go home and see his ailing dad?


Tom Chivers said...

I walked passed him the other day! /without anytime to stop unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

There's a great series of 300-odd Brixton pictures on the Urban75 site.

Something else: We beat Cavendish 1 (yes, 1, not 2) in the London League yesterday: 6.5 - 5.5.


ejh said...

Marvellous stuff.

Someone should track this guy down and see if he can play.