Sunday, November 11, 2007


A couple of days ago, ChessBase reported that a player in the Dutch Chess League (a team captain no less) has been caught using Pocket Fritz during a match. His game was declared lost and he has now been banned for the remainder of the season and the next two years.

This reminds me to two things:-

(1) I once, during a London League match, saw Stewart Reuben recording his moves on a PDA rather than writing them down. I've no idea what program he was using and I'm not suggesting at all that he was using a chess engine (I've no doubt he wasn't) but it did strike me as strange at the time. I was very surprised his opponent did not object to this - I certainly would have done.

(2) During a chess tournament many years ago, a friend of mine was playing a junior player who kept disappearing when it wasn't his move. Deep into the middle game, my friend made a move, pressed the clock and went off in search of the junior to tell him it was his turn.

My friend found his opponent in a room nearby. He was standing next to a board with their position on it. In fact the move my friend had just played was already on this board. This room was full of a bunch of other young chess players and ... one of the arbiters of the tournament.


Anonymous said...

What happened next?

Mike G.

Anonymous said...

well to avoid a nasty atmosphere my friend accepted the explanation offered ("coincidence") and quietly withdrew from the tournament.

I would have been minded to kick-up a very large stink but perhaps my friend had it right.

Anonymous said...

The correct thing to do in this situation is (a) to inform the arbiter present that the position on the analysis board is the same as the one in the playing hall and (b) ask for the chief arbiter to be summoned.

Anonymous said...

That was me (pressed wrong button). Mike G.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm pretty sure the arbiter in the room new full well it was the same as the one in the playing hall as I gather he was the one leading the juniors in analysis.

Tom Chivers said...

Presumably Stuart used a MonRoi?