Thursday, July 10, 2008

Golders Green Rapidplay

Being a sarf Landanner means I've never been to one of Adam Raoof's Golders Green Rapidplays across the other side of the river. Still, don't let that put you off, especially as there's one this Saturday coming up. And also because as you can see from Vad's photographs here from one of the recent rapidplays, these certainly look like friendly events in a nice venue, replete with some familiar faces from the chess scene south of the river . . .

The playing hall in action

A remarkable hat opposite Alexei

A smile for the camera


Anonymous said...

1...Rd2 wins doesn't it, Alexey?

I've heard that they've pulled down the Golders Green nothing sacred?

Martin S.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the BBC vacated the Hippodrome, but it hasn't been pulled down. Thanks for your comments about the tournament - you are too kind. Tomorrow's event is going to be busy!
P.S. I've had a haircut since these pictures were taken ;-) Adam

Anonymous said...

Phew! Good to hear the Hippo still stands...though I dread to think what humiliating function befalls it now. I have remote memories of childhood pantos there, and alas, travel sickness on the coach over from Wealdstone.
Not played in Rapids at GG for a few years now, but did enjoy many tournaments, run with awesome efficiency, starting not a minute late.
Keep going Adam, whatever your haircut.
Martin S.

Jonathan B said...

"I have remote memories of childhood pantos there ...."

Oh no you haven't.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I think I might have!
Martin S.

Adam Raoof said...

Ironically, due to events beyond my control, the next rapidplay chess tournament, due to be held on 9 August, has had to be cancelled.

I have tried to find acceptable alternatives without success. We apologise for the late notice.

The next Golders Green Rapidplay will be held on Saturday 6 September as usual.

P.S. I think the Hippo has been taken over by a religious group....