Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something I Found in an Old Chess Magazine

Addicts' Corner
by Mike Fox and Richard James
Pergamon Chess Vol 53 No 8, November 1988

"Chess is simply a medium through which concentration and a higher state of mind is achieved ... It is like contemplating your navel, only better. It is perhaps a way of making love."

F&J say they found this in Private Eye who had themselves lifted it from The Spectator ... but who are they quoting?


Tom Chivers said...

Speelman, innit?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't remember (and I suspect it was written by Mike anyway).

I probably have the 1988 Private Eye we took it from somewhere around but it would take me for ever to find it!

Thanks for the plug - always welcome!

Morgan Daniels said...

So it's from 1988, is it? Can you narrow it down any further? I have access to a nice well-ordered archive of Eye back issues which definitely covers that year...

Anonymous said...

I put the quote into google and ot popped this link , so could be spess http://www.sonic.net/finearts/tempimgs/chesquot.htm


Jonathan B said...

Speelman it was.

You're welcome ... I have to say your Chess column and the book are a mine of information/source of inspiration for the modern day chess blogger.