Sunday, March 29, 2009

Definitely Got Something To Do With Chess But Probably Rubbish

"Checkmate!" That was the last word uttered to Charlie Chan and Prefect of Police Claude DeBevre by a dying reporter. The man had been murdered ... stabbed to death and left to die in a vacant hotel room. It is the second murder in 24 hours at the Transcontinental Chess Tournament, and Charlie Chan has been summoned from a peaceful and long-deserved vacation to help solve the crime before international scandal ruins the tournament's good name!

Or so it says here.


ejh said...

What's the point of "writing as" somebody else and then giving your real name?

Tom Chivers said...

Is it a series, the original author now dead?!

ejh said...

If* I die, will you all start writing "as ejh"?

[* i.e. if soon, not if ever]

Tom Chivers said...

Your writing is inimitable!

Jonathan B said...

The author Luther Blisset is not actually, much to my disappointment, the former Watford 'striker'. He's actually two people (iirc) writing as one.

I agree - it does seem a bit odd to put it on the cover though.