Saturday, May 16, 2009

Black to play and draw and

Position after White's move 57.

Without further computer assistance:

(a) demonstrate with variations how Black draws ;

(b) identify the position (from high-level grandmaster praxis).


Superchess said...

This is trivial isn`t it? Surely Black must keep the (distant) opposition to draw so Kb8! is the only move.

Jonathan B said...

I was thinking exactly as Superchess 1. ... Kb8 then if White advances the King to b5 then ... Kb7 and if 2. Kc5 then. ... Kc7. If the pawn advances then White won't be able to get his king in front of it to force it home.

I'm suspicious though ... this was played in a high level encounter? If it's as trivial as it seems why would two high level GMs be still playing it out?

Michael B. said...

Is this Gligoric v Fischer ?

Richie said...

It's Gligoric v Fischer from Yugoslavia 1959. Fischer played the correct ..Kb8

Maybe Gligoric fancied his chances against a 15 year old as Bobby was at the time!

Jonathan B said...

I've just found the note EJH left me about this post ... it confirms our last two commenters have it right.

I wonder how an older Fischer would have responded to somebody playing this on against him.

Naisortep said...

Fischer played on in drawn positions himself. Look at his win over Geller from the Late 70s. I admit its basic but he would be throwing stones to criticize.

Anonymous said...

He didn't "play on". The position was a rook ending 1 half move ago, and was agreed drawn immediately after Kb8.