Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Club Championship Flash Update:

Angus wins!! Fittingly his was the last game to finish and he won the title by beating last year's champion, the Tom Chivers formerly known as T.C.

A full report follows on Friday but meanwhile ...

Many congratulations to S&BCC stalwart, and multiple promotion winning captain, Chris Morgan who with the assistance of partner Siobhan acquired twin girls on Friday 8th May.

Erin and Kiera
- although I confess I'm not sure which is which

Isn't less than a week old a bit young to be trying out
the new Saw ride at Thorpe Park?

With young Peter going strong too the S&BCC youth section is looking a good bet for an under eight's championship around 2017 or so.

Finally, as a taster to Friday's report, a quick trip back to the Club Championship.

It's well known that anything can happen in a blitz finish. Consider this interesting position from, I think, round 4.

Black to play

It's Black to follow White's interesting Kb5-c6. Both sides flags are hanging - and not the 'approaching twelve' variety either but the severely likely to fall at any second kind.

So what happened next?


Martin Smith said...

Congratulations Chris, Siobhan and the twins.

Don't forget to add John Carlin's recently arrived Niamh to the S&BCC infant team.

Twins: twice the touble, twice the joy etc; and nice little earner in all those "twins reared together/twins reared apart" studies. Register them now to pay for all the days out at the Theme Park.

Chris Morgan said...

With Peter, Niamh, Erin and Kiera, we've got enough for a four board team already.

Tom Chivers said...

On the subject of Angus's victory over me, I looked up my rapid results today: it was only my second rapid defeat this season (the other being at the hands of Graeme Buckley) and it also terminated a 19-rapid-game undefeated run. Btw, last year I beat the Robin in the final round to win the Championship, with Robin having won it the year before that. This year Angus beat me. Fitting!

Morgan Daniels said...

Funny old world-- I drew with Graeme Buckley at that 20/20 fiasco last year.

Very many congrats Chris, Siobhan, Angus and gawd knows who else.

an ordinary chessplayer said...

So what happened next was ...Rxc6, followed by white's flag fall. The arbiter then ruled it a draw, since white could never be checkmated.

Jonathan B said...

What happened next:-

after 1. Kc6 there followed

1. ... a5-a3(!!!)
2. Kc6-b6 a3-a2

and Black did eventually mate White in traditional fashion

Tom Chivers said...

1...a5-a3 is a wonderful move for any pawn to make, let alone a g or h pawn :)