Friday, January 21, 2011

Bad book covers XVII

Zuke 'Em, The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized, Rudel, Thinkers' Press, 2009

The Moment Of Zuke, Critical Positions and Pivotal Decisions
for Colle System Players
, Rudel, Thinkers' Press, 2009

Bxh7+, Rudel, Thinkers' Press, 2009

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Tom Chivers said...

I like 'em!

amatzia said...

nice covers, as is "bad book cover I" of my own book.
You have a strange taste, ejh.

Anonymous said...

Who is David Rudel and what is his rating? The only rating for any David Rudel I can find is USCF 1319from the 90s.

Jonathan B said...

Ah, but who are you, my anonymous friend?

Anonymous said...

"I am the best kept secret in the universe. My mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on the Streatham and Brixton Chess Blog. I am your best, last, and only line of French Defence. I work in secret, I exist in shadow and I always win with black."

Jonathan B said...


Anonymous said...

It's worth mentioning that the first two covers are takeoffs on Duke Nukem video game scenes. I assume the book title came before the cover painting inspiration, but perhaps not necessarily.