Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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@Times_Chess 23:47 Monday 30th January 2012
rumours abound that LARA BARNES of t-shirtgate fame has offered a grovelling apology to cj de mooi and the english chess federation board

@Times_Chess 23:49 Monday 30th January 2012
if true perhaps lara barnes shd reconsider her now incompatible position as manager of the 2012 british championship #cjdemooi

@Berlin_Endgame 00:03 Tuesday 31st January 2012
Evening Ray. Any comment on Gidders' claim that CJ didn't put any of his own cash into Sheffield 2012?

@Berlin_Endgame 00:08 Tuesday 31st January 2012
... Or G's suggestion that you yourself helped secure the funds that actually paid for the 2011 British

@Times_Chess 00:15 Tuesday 31st January 2012
his account is accurate-however cj has undoubtedly poured much of his own funds into british chess-best president ever imho


Anonymous said...

I suppose that answers one of the mysteries. It gives rise to another though. It would have been simple enough for CJ or the ECF to acknowledge the role of Ray Keene in securing the sponsorship for the event. Had they done so, then his appearance on the opening day would not have been as unexpected as it appears to have been.

Jonathan B said...

I agree nonny, although the wider ECF - those folk who are not CJ - could only have acknowledged the fact if they'd know about it.

Anonymous said...

In response to Jonathan B, agreed about the rest of the ECF. But when did they find out? Is it only now? For instance this very blog put a question to the CEO in August about RDK's involvement. The response was "no comment". That would have been an excellent opportunity to make public RDK's role.

Specific questions about the funding of the British were put at the ECF AGM. That too, would have been an opportunity to set the record straight.

Jonathan B said...

Agreed on both counts nonny.

My feeling is that the ECF - by which I mean not CJ - have only just found out. At least I have no evidence to assume otherwise. Of course, now the ECF do know, several more questions arise.

I do feel that it's a great shame that these questions weren't properly investigated at the AGM and also that they were left hanging for the AGM to pick up and not dealt with at the time.

It's perhaps a lesson for the "let's just forget everything and move on" school of thought. These kind of issues have a tendency to keep cropping up until they're fully addressed. Might as well just bite the bullet and get to the bottom of things right from the start.

Jonathan B said...

As Jimmy Cricket used to say, there's more

Anonymous said...

What is this grovelling apology they tweet of?
What has Lara to apologise for?

Anonymous said...

So, if CJ did not fund the British, what are the "serious funds" that he has contributed? We know that he has claimed expenses (despite saying he would not prior to election).

Jonathan B said...

What's the apology claim all about? No idea.

If not the British where did CJ spend his cash? Again, no idea. I had another brief exchange of tweets with RDK on this question earlier today. On the whole, if you're going to claim something like this, it seems to me that it's probably worth providing the evidence.

Lara Barnes said...

Just for the record, the apology was the use of the word 'corrupt' I withdrew the word, apologised, and used another term for the way that the British Championships sponsorship had been handled.