Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Well worth repeating

Ray, the Times, last Friday:

Well worth repeating indeed. Here's the first half of his column:

and here's the first half of his column for 11 December 2014.

Second half, 20 November 2015:

Second half, 11 December 2014:

Is there another journalist in the country who gets away with this?

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Niall Doran said...

I get the whole plagiarism thing when one 'borrows' someone else's work, but is it actually possible to plagiarise oneself? Or is the problem here more to do with the fact that he's cheating his employer by submitting the same work twice, knowing it won't be noticed?

ejh said...

No, it's about cheating the reader. His employer manifestly doesn't give a stuff. And Ray manifestly can't be bothered either.

(But it's very simple: if what you're publishing has appeared before, you say so and you say where and when. There is literally no good reason not to.)

Niall said...

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. As I'm not an expert on English or British copyright law, I thought there might be a legal problem involved, such along the lines of the Times becoming the owner of the work once submitted and he was then stealing from his employer.

Obviously though recycling your stuff without saying so is just sneaky.

Anonymous said...

But he does say he is recycling and where and when ( same publication, at the time of the game) so what is the problem?

James McDonnell

ejh said...

But he does say he is recycling

He says "the game" is "well worth repeating". Not a whisper about the notes.

ejh said...

(That's before we get on to his forty-year history of reusng his own and other people's notes unannounced, as if his notes here were of such stellar quality that he just had to repeat them.)