Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Spirit of Youth

A chess prodigy who ran away and hooked an exotic dancer almost twice his age has returned home to a hero's welcome after a teenage adventure that took him to Brazil's hotspots...

To fund his Brazilian sojourn, he told his family he had fallen ill and needed them to wire out money to pay for medical expenses. He even sold his laptop computer, which contained all his chess notes and training programs.
Read the whole thing here.

A long time ago, I was young and wild: as a junior, at an away match for Cosham against Fareham, I once in the bar after asked for a Shandy. Of course I was told no, and got the lemonade instead.

But - you've got to dare to live the dream.


Robert Pearson said...

Ahh, what a beautiful love story. Young chess genius shacks up with exotic older woman. A photo would definitely added to the story, though.

It occurred to me that if this had happened in the States, they would have arrested the woman and made the whole thing criminal.

I love my country, but there are some areas where it deserves some gentle ridicule.

Tom Chivers said...

There's intriguing jurisdiction issues; given he was from Peru, but in Brasil... And judging from the final paragraph, he probably doesn't want to flash his photo about.