Sunday, March 02, 2008

I am Speedy Malc

It being a Sunday, I had hoped to have a look at Speedy Malc's latest Sunday Telegraph chess column to see just how far out of date it is this week. Indeed, I had high hopes that he might have been looking forward to the Morelia-Linares tournament that, in Speedy's time zone, is just about to start in Mexico. Alas, it is not to be so instead I'll have to post something else...

Kasparov's Poker Face

Watch the clip carefully. You might spot the very moment Gazza realises he's blundered. The signs are very subtle but most definitely there.

There's a story behind today's post.

About a year ago I found this clip on YouTube and I remember sending it to Tom who enjoyed it as much as I did. Perfect blog material I thought.

Fast forward to October and it turns up on BCM Blog, together with the story of the game. Now John Saunders (author of the aforementioned blog and editor of a real proper magazine and everything) being a frequent visitor here, I thought a bit of gentle Speedy Malc related teasing along the lines of him being a few months behind us with the clip might be in order. However, when I looked back to see precisely when we published it I found that I'd never quite got around to posting it.

So there you have it.

It's me who's Speedy Malc after all.

Full index of videos we've posted on the S&BCC blog here. It might even be up to date if you're lucky.

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LOL, classic.