Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Sutton flash of inspiration

Stuck for something to do this Easter? Personally I shall be camping on the Costa Brava* but if that's too far or too open-air for your tastes, perhaps I can recommend the 31st Surrey Chess Congress, to be held at the Nonsuch High School for Girls which is apparently in Sutton, though it says Cheam on the map. It's just a short distance from Cheam Station and there's a short cut via Anne Boleyn's Walk. Or there's free parking if you have a car.

There's a FIDE-rated Open taking place over all four days - two games a day and one on Monday, a very civilised pace - and a variety of other events which you may read about on the entry form here.

Contact Richard Jones: He looks forward to hearing from you.

[* well I was going to, but the weather forecast reckons it's going to be freezing]

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