Friday, March 14, 2008

We are the Champions

White to Play

Yesterday Chris Morgan, captain of S&BCC London League III sent around an email that included the following ...

"I drew my adjournment from our latest match in this division which means we won the match, taking us to an unassailable 7 out of 7 victories with one match left to play."

So there you have it. S&BCC are now champions of the London League Minor Division - an excellent achievement for a team in its first year. I think I'm right in saying that Chris himself has now won a league division in each of his first two seasons as a captain. Well done that man.

Not that today's diagram has got anything to do with our league success. I found it browsing through an old chess book earlier in the week.

(a) What's White's move here?
(b) What's the opening?


Anonymous said...

"I think I'm right in saying that Chris himself has now won a league division in each of his first two seasons as a captain".

I think it might be three in three - previously Chris took the second team from division four to division two.


ejh said...

It's like John Beck except with style.

ejh said...

Or indeed subtlety, much like the move 1.Nxb5 in the diagram position. Funny, it took me ages to see that.

Anonymous said...

What happens after 1 Nxb5 Ng6?

Is it from a Sicilian Sveshnikov (spelling?). White isn't John Nunn is s(he)?


Jonathan B said...

What I was going to ask after 1. Nxb5 is what happens after 1. ... Bg6.

Angus has it correct - it IS a Sveshnikov. White isn't John Nunn but the position does come from a JN book - Beating The Sicilian (1st Edition)

Jonathan B said...

1. ... Bg6

"... giving the king a flight square at f7 and so threatening the knight, while by cuttinhg off the queen's guard of d6 he also threatens the bishop." - JN

So if you want to play 1. Nxb5 how are you going to continue?

PS: And my apologies to Chris for underestimating his achievements.

ejh said...

I don't suppose I could play 2.Be2 and say I've got enough for the piece if Black captures on b5?

Well done to everybody else, too: that's the sort of record one associates with Wad Green.

Jonathan B said...

You've got the right idea.

The game went:-

1. Nxb5 Bg6, 2. Bf1

Nunn suggests if now 2. ... axb5 then 3. Qg7 winning.

Morgan Daniels said...

Hang on, was this team I played in briefly this season? Does mean I've actually won something for once in my life?

Tom Chivers said...

Yes and yes, Morgan!