Monday, May 12, 2008

Club News, Update!

A few bits and pieces of club news. London League Division 1 has reached its conclusion, with Streatham narrowly overcoming a closely-matched Mushrooms 1 side in the adjournments of our final match of the season to finish in the top-half of the table with a respectable 6½ match points. Congratulations go to Wood Green, title-holders once again - although unlike last season they missed out on a perfect 11/11 thanks to this surprise loss to Drunken Knights.

Meanwhile, will we win the Croydon League Division I this year, or not? Our match from the end of April against Crystal Palace stands 2-1 to us with one game adjourned, and it's in our hands. A win or draw in the adjournment would mean we would indeed take the Trophy. A loss, though, and then our fate would then depend on Coulsdon I, who could the title on game points with a 3 or 4 point victory in their final match...

Finally, don't forget that the Club Championship concludes tomorrow at our Woodfield Grove venue starting 7.30pm. A half-way report can be found here, and an added attraction will be the continuing one-off sale of Andy Thake's old books for the bargain price of £1 each.

See you there!

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