Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tonight's The Night

It's not a secret that Christmas is no good for your chess: the champagne you put in takes brain cells out; and what you gain in mince-pies, you lose in Elo.

And so what better a way, amidst all this cold weather, to warm up your chess in 2009 than with a Rapidplay Tournament?

As luck would have it ---- that's exactly what we're running, starting tonight down at our club venue Woodfield Grove Tennis Club, with three rounds starting at 7.30pm and then a final three rounds next Tuesday.

The rate of play is 25 minutes each per game, and entry is free for members of Streatham and Brixton Chess Club as well as for members of Streatham Chess Club.

And as an added incentive ---- the present writer is currently top seed, meaning that pretty much anyone could win it...

PS. There's still time to enter ---- to do so, please email Angus or turn up tonight at the venue by 7.15pm.


Anonymous said...

Tom, now that I've written out the pairing cards with grades, I'm afraid you've dropped to second seed. Robert doesn't have a rapidplay grade and his standard play grade is higher than your rapid one.

There's still time for other to enter too!


Anonymous said...

Half-time scores:

Robert, Tom, Angus and Jonathan 2.5; Martin, Alan H and Barry 2; Chris, Stan, Dean, Gary Sm and Allan B 1; Gary Sh and Marc yet to score.