Monday, March 16, 2009

Club News: Last Ever Update

Welcome to the last ever club news update; a bumper update featuring no less than two fascinating games to play through.

We start this week in the London League's top division, where our First Team beat Mushrooms 1 on Thursday last week 7-3, with two adjourned. That scoreline looks more convincing than apparently the match actually was, with all three of the top boards being lost for us at one point - yet we recorded two wins and a draw from them. Lower down the board order our new player Nick Fordham also recorded his first victory for the team, a fine dynamical game in the Modern Benoni that featured an unusual material imbalance - three minor pieces versus a Queen:

Well played, Nick.

Elsewhere in the London League the news is also pretty good. On March 2nd our Second Team squeezed past East Ham by the narrowest of margins (5½ to 4½) to put them mathematically safe and beyond the threat of demotion. Meanwhile the Third Team has won one and lost one, losing against a very strong Albany team on March 9th 5½ to 1½, plus one adjourned, but back in February beating Metropolitan 4-3 in a violent match that featured no draws.

Finally, Captain Angus French writes that we find ourselves unexpectedly atop the Surrey League, and indeed we do thanks to a 5-3 victory against Guildford back in February. That match was also notable for the following victory for Martin Smith, where an apparently quiet system soon erupts into a wild position with both sides attacking. Enjoy:

PS. Those curious as to why this is the last in this series will find out tomorrow!


Morgan Daniels said...

Well played, Nick!

Anonymous said...

About bloody time! Thanks though! The opening was a tad greedy i think with the second pawn but it all worked out alright!!