Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Worst Move on The Board X

Maciol-Gormally, Canterbury, British Championship 2010, round one, position after 31....Rf8-e8.

White, who is outgraded by 240 points, is winning. Indeed, the game lasts only one more move. White made his 32nd move - and then resigned.

My attention was drawn to the position by a comment - don't click on the link yet! - on the English Chess Forum, from Alex Holowczak, that White's 32nd
was probably the worst move on the board.
Try finding it yourself before you look. But, you know, he's right. It was.

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Jonathan B said...

Ooh choker.

I'd be a bit cross with myself if I'd have played that. Must be 10x as annoying to have done it against a GM

Coventrian said...

Was it Qf7???

Word verification 'gameth'!

Coventrian said...

Wow, he found a worse one.

ejh said...

And a classier one, as he may not be best placed to appreciate.

rgh said...

I'd thought Qxh5, but does that actually lose?

As it's fashionable to mention the word verification:'unhipp'

Anonymous said...

Poor Ryszard (Maciol).

He's a member of the Celtic Tigers 4NCL squad along with a number of Streatham and Brixton CC players - Peter Kemp, Carsten Pedersen, Robin Haldane, Robert Thomas and me. Jonathan played once too.

Ryszard also played Danny Gormally last season in the 4NCL. That time Danny missed the win of a piece and Ryszard scraped a draw.


Jonathan B said...

How are you getting on Angus?

Anonymous said...

How am I getting on? Dare I say, fine so far - I have 4/5. I'll come crashing down to earth soon though.

Funny thing is, my most difficult game was against Amy Hoare, who, I understand, is just 13 and rated 1900-and-something, in round 1.


Tom Chivers said...