Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ch ch ch

Well, here we are again. New year, new blogging.

How was the festive period for you? Did solving EJH's puzzles [I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII] keep you busy?  Perhaps, like me, you had a stab at a few of them, but mostly failed miserably?  Perhaps you were down in Hastings playing proper chess instead?  Judging by the comments box over the past few days, at least one or two of you out there have been doing both!  Whatever you were up to, I hope that you enjoyed yourself.

Anyhoo, in blogging as in real life, it's time to put 2010 and Christmas behind us and get 2011 underway.  As from tomorrow we'll be returning to our usual Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday schedule (with a bonus item thrown in here and there). Before we kick-off S&BC Blog 2011 proper, though, we'll be making a few changes.

We've needed to make a few technical tweaks for quite a while now; have a good fiddle about under the bonnet ('hood' for our esteemed North American readers) as it were. Well, finally we've got around to it and we thought that, while we were at it, we might as well give our appearance a bit of a scrub too.

We're not doing anything too radical.  Hopefully the archives will become easier to navigate; the left-hand sidebar should look somewhat tidier and we thought we might try on a new colour, just to see what it feels like.  Other than that, though, it's pretty much 'as you were'.

With a bit of luck the changes will be all done by the time you read this. Apologies if things look a little bit messy while we get on with the job.  Normal blogging resumes tomorrow. In the meantime, we wish you all happy chessing in 2011.


ejh said...

God, does Blue Monday only go on four minute? When it came out it seemed to go on all year.

Jonathan B said...


changeover done. Hopefully everything still works - if you find something that doesn't please do let us know.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but hope the links to other sites will be retained.

ejh, there are several versions of Blue Monday. There's a twelve inch that goes on for seven or eight minutes. There's probably a version that goes on for half-an-hour.


Jonathan B said...

Hi Paul,

When I started thinking about the revamp I noticed that a lot of the links weren't working any more. Since we - and apparently other people - hadn't noticed I thought we might as well take all the links away. Either that or put them up on another page.

Are there any that you particularly used to use?

Anonymous said...

Hi JB - I used to click on them at random. I just found them a useful resource, though I'm sure there are similar lists elsewhere.


PS word verification is 'bedfuc'. Really.

Tom Chivers said...

Some of them are still here!

Anonymous said...

The new look is very good Jonathan. I use Firefox 99% of the time but I notice that the site now renders correctly on my PC's IE8.
(FWIW, the left section with links to the archive, the series indexes etc. used to dop to the bottom of the page on my copy of IE.)