Monday, July 11, 2011

Definitely Got Something to do with chess VI

On a cruiseship bound for Buenos Aires, a wealthy passenger challenges the world chess champion to a match. He accepts with a sneer. He will beat anyone, he says. But only if the stakes are high. Soon, the chess board is surrounded. At first, the challenger crumbles before the mind of the master. But then, a soft-spoken voice from the crowd begins to whisper nervous suggestions. Perfect moves, brilliant predictions. The speaker has not played a game for more than twenty years, he says. He is wholly unknown. But somehow, he is also entirely formidable…

Or so it says here

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David said...

This showed up on the radio not so long ago, and actually wasn't too bad:

(But I assume you know that, per the second post at

Niall said...

I prefer this version myself:

Although the book is generally considered a classic, it's not realistic. Without giving too much away, a non-expert becomes a brilliant player, albeit with psychological problems, by reading a collection of unannotated games from a famous tournament hundreds of times.
I still enjoyed it though!