Monday, July 14, 2014

Ray Saves the Day

When you need a helping hand, chessically speaking, who are you going to call? Why, the chess correspondent of The Times of course.

I gather RDK has been covering exchange sacs over the last week or so.  ... Rxc3s in Sicilians, ... Rxf3s , Gazza’s Rxb7 against Shirov to name but a few. I was just about to get around to that last one, funnily enough.

White to play
Kasparov - Shirov, Horgen 1994

My favourite from Ray’s bunch is Benko - Keres, Los Angeles 1963. An ISE and a rook ending. What’s not to like?

2014 ISE Count: 49
TISE Index

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Jonathan B said...

Autocorrect misfortune of the day:

Blogger changed the opening sentence of this post from "If you need help, chessically speaking, ...."

to " ... chemically speaking ...."

Fixed now.

Hopefully he won’t sue.