Saturday, December 09, 2006

The J'adoubies

Long-time chess blogger Megaskins has created his own awards for the chess world. Presenting, The J'adoubies. For a while, I was sadly quite stuck for a nomination for the "J'adore" category:
This is the Romance category. Since chess geeks are notoriously untalented, unattractive and unskilled in the ways of love, it's hard to find someone to award this to. Generally it goes to the chess geek most in love with himself,

But that changed when I found out I could nominate Kramnik.

Alright, alright. "Kramnik?" I hear you say. "Dry, technical, boring - that's how most describe Kramnik. Romantic? Hardly!" But, according to Goran Urosevic, this translates as: "Vladimir Kramnik and his girlfriend Maria will get married in Paris on December 30th or 31st. The two have met when Kramnik played world chess championship against Peter Leko and Maria came to interview him." Although, Kramnik's homepage is mysteriously silent on the subject.

Anyhow - congratulations go to Kramnik. And I hope you Streatham & Brixton Chess Club enjoy the fun of The J'ahaha, The J'adore, The J'adoubie-doo-bee-doo, The J'ahad, J'aDOH!, The J'aDamn!, The J'adEGO, and The J'adELO - which collectively make up The J'adoubies.


Unknown said...

Fear not, old bean. You can always nominate yourself! You are in love with yourself, right? [grin]

Tom Chivers said...

Maybe if I didn't blunder so much!