Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tenth Annual ChessCafe Holiday Quiz

The hardest quiz in the world of chess made its annual appearance today*: scroll down for the questions. You'll have to scroll quite a way - the section describing the prizes is even longer than the quiz itself. Come to that, in this particular quiz the list of prizes is usually longer than the list of completely correct entries. Substantially longer.

So, while we could all pretend to have a go at it ourselves, and be lucky to get one or two correct, I would propose, in the spirit of the Kasparov v The World chess game, that we pool our resources and try and get as many answers as we can between us, much as people do with the King William's General Knowledge Paper. After which the only question will surely be - what to do with the prizes?

I would start off, but at first glance I don't think I know any of the answers at all.

So...who does?

[* = this link may become defunct in which case I'll try and update it]


Tom Chivers said...

Is 33 Pillsbury?

And I've seen 36 before...

Anonymous said...

Great prizes in the chess one, but they are not coming my way that's for sure. Those quizzes are both incredibly difficult.

Tom Chivers said...

I don't know anonymous - two more answers via Black_Tiger of

1. Reshevsky.

5. Ugandan team showed up at Lugano.

Anonymous said...

Although I didn't actually go to Lugano, I did tell someone to see the ancient bridge in Lugano, when infact I meant Lucerne (I had as then never been to Lugano). Funnily enough when I did go to Lugano I experienced 2 chess coinicidences: 1. I played someone at giant chess and later went to a restaurant. The waiter was my opponent. 2. The hotel I was staying at turned out to be the where the local chess club met.
I can throughly recommend both places btw as I am sure the Ugandan Olympiad team can also!

Anonymous said...

Is that Reshevsky one definitely correct?

Nigel Lawson's book on the 1993 world championship also makes reference to Nigel Short not owning a chess set so it could be him too.

ejh said...

Dominic Lawson, surely? Nasty Nigel's nasty mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin:-

Yes, Dominic of course.