Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You can't fail . . .

The open goal you can't miss - and bang, the ball is fifty foot up in the crowd. Six wickets in hand, three runs to win - and then, ouch: it's Shane Warne bowling, and the Ashes crumble in your fingers that very over. Or in chess terms, you're three rooks, five queens, twelve knights, and three hundred bishops ahead - and drat, his king's stalemated. You never even saw it coming.

Yep - we've all been there, ruining those certain wins. However, I promise you that you'll solve this puzzle by V. Röpke (Skakbladet, 1942) correctly. In fact, try not to.

(Of course - were it a game, you'd have lost on time.)


Oh - just one little thing extra. If you don't yet know your Kasparov Number, go work it out, and let us know in the comments. I've just remembered I beat Adam FF in the Portsmouth Major eleven years ago when we were both Juniors - so that increases mine to 5.


Anonymous said...

Just wondered if you are waiting for someone to ask "whose move is it?" in the above puzzle?

Tom Chivers said...

It's given as white to move in the original. But . . . I don't think it actually makes any difference!

Capegirl said...

kasparov number?

i'm blonde.

today's word verification is: xirdhuak. xirdhauk. i might keep that one for when i get really pissed off. "XIRDHUAK!!!!!"

Tom Chivers said...

Well, I'm glad you got something out of the blog, blondy!

Anonymous said...

You should hear Tom when he is pissed off!
Wonder if blondy solved the puzzle?

Capegirl said...

stoopid chess web site.

most people who are as stupid as i am would not have the balls to comment here.

i, on the other hand find it delightfully amusing.

what does Tom say when he's pissed off?

"sjuudase"? "fuemnuk"?

Tom Chivers said...

"stoopid chess web site."

Michelle! Be nice, please!!

"what does Tom say when he's pissed off?"

Generally, 'Uh? Where's my queen gone?'

Anonymous said...

he he he...this puzzle is funny, YOU LITERALLY CANNOT NOT GET THE RIGHT ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!

all the moves are literally the only moves available (if white moves first)


Capegirl said...

i'm sorry city boy. i hang my head in humble shame.

i won't even say anything about the english cricket team.

i'm working on that photo.

Tom Chivers said...

Ah, you can say what you like about our cricket team, Jole & capegirl.

Just try taking us on at chess!

Capegirl said...

ok. you bring the board and i'll bring the rest. we'll play.

i'm pretty sure this is a cult.

Tom Chivers said...

I don't care if it is a cult - provided I get to be GOD!

Anonymous said...

Not fond on it being a cult...chess is fun but a cult????

Anyway, i'm in Australia so playing over the board as you implied would be rather difficult

Tom Chivers said...

Don't worry about capegirl Jole - she's just jealous because she can't remember the rules of the game!

I meant our national teams btw :)

Anonymous said...