Tuesday, December 12, 2006

London League One: versus Hackney

As Martin put it, Streatham & Brixton Chess Club's First Team got hacked up by Hackney last night in the London League Division One. Whilst Andrew won a messy game, and Adam W neatly took apart his opponent's defences, and Robin sacrificed pawns for open lines which he made decisive use of, and Angus & I drew - the tide of the evening turned in their favour on the other boards. 8-4 to them over all.

To add to the misery, I had a winning position in my game on move 14, but didn't find either of the two sequences which would have won. Here's the position.

I played 14. ... dxe4 after a long think, having rejected 14. ... Nxe4 on account of 15. Qxd5, eg 15. ... Nxc3 16. Qxf5 Nxb1 17. Qxc2 Bb4 18. Be3, when the b1 knight is doomed and white wins. Instead, after the mass-liquidation with 15. Qxc2 exf3 16. Qxf5 fxg2+, we agreed a draw. See if you can spot the winning sequences I should have played, without a computer or moving the pieces around.

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