Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Name that Position

I came across this somewhat random position earlier today (Black to play).

Who's playing?
What's the objective assessment of this position?
How did the game actually end?


it's from a World Championship match.


ejh said...

It's Fischer-Spassky, isn't it?

Jonathan B said...

Indeed it is. So how about the second and third questions?

Tom Chivers said...

I've seen it before.

Fischer was playing black, and had surprised Spassky by playing the Alekhine's Defence.

As for objective assessment - it almost certainly has to be a win for black.

I can't remember how it actually turned out in turns of the moves. But I'm pretty sure black did in fact go on to win.

Is this part of the World Championship Blunders series though, I wonder Jonathan . . . ? Perhaps I've missed/misremembered something, if so . . .

Jonathan B said...

You're right Tom - Fischer was playing Black and did go on to win but according to the book I have in front of me, this exact position is drawn.

In fact it seems Black can even lose if he plays ...c3+ as he'll end up in Zugzwang after Kd3.

Not that I could support any of that with analysis of my own of course.

Oh, and it's not part of the World Championship blunders series but is something I found while researching the same.

As for the blunders, a new installment is just about to be published. Sorry for the delay.