Friday, March 16, 2007

"Last Mile in Hand-Stands"

"On the 22nd of April I am going to do something crazy," emails Streatham & Brixton ace and the world's 21,702nd best chess player Rob Thomas. "I am taking my 'svelte' body on a 26 mile jaunt around our Capital City, passing many famous landmarks along the way and have even arranged a small crowd to cheer me on.

"Of course this insane undertaking is the London Marathon and I am actually running on behalf of a very good cause. My sponsored charity, Hact (Housing Associations' Charitable Trust), helps those far less fortunate than us find a place to live. They are pioneers in housing solutions for people on the margins, identifying emerging need, and then develop, test and promote practical solutions for social inclusion.

"I invite you all to check out my sponsorship page and hope you will be able to contribute something towards this good cause. Your help will also encourage and motivate me as the training runs keep on getting longer and longer!"


Anonymous said...

Best of luck :-)

Former Streatham & Brixtonite Andy Thake (last heard of somewhere in Singapore I think) ran the marathon once or twice.

Perhaps you could have a showdown for the Ultimate S&B Runner title.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there was a showdown (though it must have been about ten years ago). It was between Robert and Andrew over, if I recall, four laps of Streatham Common. Dave V, Bob C, Richard Wright and myself ambled about while Robert and Andrew exerted themselves. Robert set off at a pace and built up a lead but later ran out of puff and was ultimately not a match for Andrew's measured pace.


Tom Chivers said...

Perhaps in the pub after each London League match, we should all have an arm-wrestling contest?

ejh said...

Why not test one another instead in the disciplines of Rhetoric or Grammar?

Anonymous said...

So the Hare and Tortoise isn't just a fairytale?

I would prefer a competition related to knowledge of the best Coffee shops/Cafes in south and central London. I bow to nobody in that department.