Monday, May 05, 2008

Andy Thake

Newer members of the club won't recognise the name but old timers will recall Andy as a longstanding club regular who moved out to Singapore a few years back.

With no immediate plans to return to Blighty, Andy has generously agreed to donate his chess equipment to the club.

We've decided to auction off Andy's books at a bargain price of £1 each with the money to go to club funds. The books will be available at the club over the next couple of Tuesday's. There are some real gems here - and several I'd buy myself if I didn't already have a copy.

In addition to the sale, top 5 places at this year's club championship will win a book of their choice from the collection.

Here's the list (and it's not exhaustive - there's more I haven't had time to include)

Bent Larsen’s Good Move Guide, Oxford University Press 1982
The Even More Complete Chess Addict, Fox and James Faber and Faber 1993
God knows what this book is but it appears to be about the Alekhine (written in Russian) 1987
The Most Amazing Chess Moves of All time, Emms, Gambit 2000
Attacking with 1. e4, Emms, Everyman 2001
Test Your Positional Play, Bellin & Ponzetto, Batsford 1985
An Opening Repertoire for White, Keen, Batsford 1984
New Ideas in the Alekhine Defence, Burgess, Batsford 1996
The Complete Alekhine, Burgess, Batsford 1995
My System (21st Century Edition), Nimzowitsch, Hays Publishing 1991
Logical Chess: Move by Move Batsford 1998
Pandolfini’s Endgame Course, Simon & Schuster 1988
Secrets of Spectacular Chess, Levitt & Friedgood, Batsford 1995
Kasparov’s Opening Repertoire, Shamkovich & Schiller, Batsford 1990
The Contemporary Anti-Dutch, Andrew Martin Tournament Chess, 1990
Test Your Endgame Ability, Livshits & Speelman, Batsford 1992
Attack with Julian Hodgson vol. 1, Hodgson Enterprises 1996 [ signed ]
Attack with Julian Hodgson vol. 2, Hodgson Enterprises 1997
101 Tips to Improve Your Chess, Kosten, Batsford 1996
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire, Summerscale, Everyman 1998
The Final Countdown, Hajenius & van Riemsdijk, Cadogan Chess1997
100 Instructive Games of Alekhine, Reinfeld, Dover 1959
Endgame Play, Chris Ward, Batsford 1996
Think Like a Grandmaster, Kotov, Batsford 1978
Chess Explorations, Winter, Cadogan Chess1998
The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess games, Burgess, Nunn and Emms, Robinson 1998
A Contemporary Approach to the middlegame, Suetin, Batsford 1976 [ Hardback ]
The Killer Grob, Basman, Pergamon 1991
Essential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move (vol. 1 – revised 2nd Edition), Silman Chess Digest 1992
Winning Endgame Technique, Beliavsky & Mikhalchishin, Batsford 1995
Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953, Bronstein, Dover 1979
Trompowski Opening and Torre Attack, Bellin, Batsford 1983
How to Play the Torre Attack, Schiller, Chess Digest, 1991
The Test of Time, Garry Kasparov, Pergamon Press, 1986
The Leningrad Dutch, Ehlvest, Batsford 1993
The Master Game Book Two, James & Hartston BBC 1981

Andy's chess computer - a Mephisto Nigel Short - will be given as a prize for the highest placed library player/non regular club member at the forthcoming club championship.

Donated to the club for use in home matches.

Sundry chess magazines to be given away free to anybody who wants them. Also free - a few tapes from Mike Basman's Audio Chess series.

Who wants these? They're yours for nothing ...

The Macho Grob - Mike Basman (2x c90 cassettes)
Global Opening - Mike Basman (2x c90 cassettes)
Polish Defence - Mike Basman (1x c90 cassette)


Tom Chivers said...

Secrets of Spectacular Chess, Levitt & Friedgood, Batsford 1995, is a brilliant book and I recommend anyone who doesn't have it to snap it up!

Jonathan B said...

£1 for Bronstein's Zurich '53 is also a steal.