Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Worst Move On The Board VI

Tringov v Gheorghiu, Bulgaria v Romania 1971, the position featured in our What Happened Next? series on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tringov must have been nine moves short of the time control then in force - surely he can't have been in time-trouble? Not in a game he believed was fixed for him to win.

Either way the move he found a move was even worse than 48.Kc1, and indeed worse than any other move he could have played. But at the same time, a move of sufficient quality to rate with any other in our series. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Am i the only person who thinks this is partly Tringov's fault. He allowed mate in one! Wouldn't do much for G's reputation to miss it. And the temptation! Difficult to resist.

ejh said...

I think it's more than partly his fault for making the arrangement in the first place.