Thursday, November 06, 2008

Old Friends

Sad to admit but I neglected my chess blogging duties yesterday afternoon when instead of writing today's post I chose instead to fill my face at Maison Bertaux.

In lieu of a post here's a photo

and a little something from an old friend I found in an old chess magazine.

Pergamon Chess Vol 53 No 5, August 1988

Active Chess European Zonal, Gijon, May 31 - June 4
by IM Nigel Davies

"Finally I would like to make special mention of the young Soviet player Krasenkov. In his second round game against the young local player, J. Antonio Corral, he found himself a piece for a pawn down. But undaunted by either this or the presence of the arbiter, he showed the initiative to hold the button on his clock down with one hand while moving with the other.

The arbiter first warned him and then tried to prise his hand away. But Krasenkov had the courage to keep it there until his opponent's flag fell. Roshal, the head of the Soviet delegation, came up to the board suggesting a draw, which would have been a fair result after his boy had shown such enterprise. Sadly the appeal committee defaulted him. What a shame."

Stories of dastardly behaviour are always welcome here at the S&BCC blog and the more blatant the offence the better in our eyes.

Anybody out there got any gems for us?

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Campion said...

I don't have my copy of the Even More Complete Chess Addict to hand, but isn't there a story about Henrique Messing doing the same thing to someone? Apologies for the vagueness.