Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pick up a Private Eye

From this week's Private Eye:
Waddling, bow-tied Raymond Keene, chess correspondent of the Times and the Spectator, has long been known as "the Penguin" because of his uncanny resemblance to Batman's arch-enemy, and his doppleganger would surely admire Keene's latest larcenous exploit.
Find the rest of the story on page five (or read it here).

It concludes:
Do his high-minded editors at the Times and the Spectator have any qualms about employing this absurd comic-book villain? Apparently not.

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ejh said...

For the sake of accuracy, it should be pointed out that the "alert reader" didn't actually spot the copying himself, he merely noted what had been spotted, and reported, by Chess Notes - and then asked some pertinent, and therefore deleted, questions.

Additionally, the copying was initially noted when the piece was run in Chessville: it was only later that it was realised that that piece was lifted wholesale from the Spectator, in whose pages the original "larcenous exploit" took place.

Reaction from the editor of the Spectator has been sought but is still awaited.