Monday, April 12, 2010

"Dump Trucks once more, Aunt Peedy..."

Back in 2008, I proudly announced on the blog that I'd beaten a titled player for the first time - an FM.

But then Richard asked in the comments, 'Surely "titled player" is normally short-hand for "IM" isn't it?'

To which my fellow blogger ejh answered:
I tend to reckon that the main function of the FM title is to enable people like me to say we've beaten titled players. I've beaten 4 FMs and until I finally pot myself an IM I think this claim will remain valid.
Quite so. Which means that, once again for the first time, I am happy to announce that I've beaten a titled player.


Tom Chivers said...

Jonathan's away right now, but asked me to point out that n now equals 4.

Jonathan B said...

Back now.

The bishop pair is all very well but insufficient compensation for a queen and rook methinks.

Perhaps our IM had seen this post?

ejh said...

So did he miss Nb4?

Tom Chivers said...

I think so. He certainly took a long time to play Rc3 and then Rxd3. I thought that dropping the a2 was a better bet.

Anonymous said...

Well done, but there is nothing
like 'Blowing your own Trumpet'
is there?

Angie baby