Monday, April 05, 2010

Your game here?

Last year blog reader and Streatham & Brixton Chess Clubber Robin Haldane sent me two games from the Snodland Rapidplay. Not just any two games, but spectacular wins over International Masters each graded over fifty points higher than Robin.

Here for your perusal is a position from the first game, Robin's win in round two over Augustin Madan with the black pieces. White has just played 18.Bxg7, and whilst the automatic 18...Rg8 is certainly a very good answer, you must also remember the prevailing ethos of Robin's play, which he summarizes as: "you have a moral duty to sacrifice as much material as you can."

Black to play and shed material

And here's Robin's crushing win from round five over Jovanka Houska, presented purely for your pleasure:

Only a rook that time.

I don't know about you, but all that excitement's got me in the mood for some more readers' games. If you've played a good one recently - or been on the receiving end of a fine effort - feel free to email me for possible inclusion here on the blog.


ejh said...

My natural assumption was that Robin played Nf5 and that assumption grew to near-certainty when I noticed, having looked round for ways to deflect the f3 knight from guarding h2, that as it happens, we don't need to....

Anonymous said...

Only a 'possible' inclusion in the blog if somebody takes the time and trouble to send you one of their games. Why not put them all in?
How many are you going to get? Certainly not dozens. Anyones game that they think is interesting
has got to be better than some of the occaisional mindless comments on this or any other blog.


ejh said...

Truer than you know, George....

Tom Chivers said...

You're welcome to send me a game George, but I can't promise inclusion.