Monday, July 04, 2011

Grave Error

Just up the Rue from this, is this, in the Montparnasse Cemetery:

FIDE consecrated it in March 1956.

As you can see from the plaque..

..Ragosin was there,

and World Champion, Mikhail Botvinnik.

It is a fine monument to Alekhine.. we'd like to remember him.

His grave it is; and he must be spinning in it.

To find out more about how he got there, look here.


Anonymous said...

Was once looking round a cementary in Havana Cuba and the Mrs had forgotten the plan of famous tombs. When we got back to the hotel I found that Capablanca was buried there and we had missed it.

Mark Weeks said...

It works if the players are sitting to the left and right of the board. - Mark

Martin Smith said...

Shouldn't blame the Mrs. Andrew!

Nice try Mark, but people will be standing at the plaque-end to read the inscription and admire the tombstone, so the correct orientation should be from there. But I suppose it's all a bit academic as no-one would ever dream of playing a game on it. Or would they?

On graves - I think I read somewhere that Colman (of the variation in the Two Knights Defence) is buried in a cemetery in Wimbledon. Does anyone know the exact location?