Friday, February 02, 2007

An Internet Parable

It is a well-known habit of bloggers to find out where their visitors arrive from. Often this reveals amusing search terms - witness The Kenilworthian's visitors looking for is sicilians part black? or panther attacks elephant, for instance.

Here at Streatham & Brixton Chess Club's weblog, we seem to be less vocabularious, with very few of our hits come from those looking for anything other than some combination of Brixton Streatham Chess Club - that, ninja club in croydon, surrey or something to do with certain famous blunders.

But, I did like this - a visitor from MSN Live, who got to us from a search for: Electric Chess Game Board with Playing Pieces that actually move on Board. This presumably implies levitating knights of course (or maybe some kind of trap door) as otherwise for instance here 1. Nf7 mate looks like it would get messy.

Pieces in electric motion around the board (like miniature trains around their tracks, up in a loft): a boyish wish, the opposite of Chess for Girls, something else unlikely to see reality. On the other hand, someone just invented Chess With Lazers, so who knows for sure? The internet promises everything, just keep on searching for that dream . . .


Anonymous said...

There used to be - may still be for all I know - a football website called "No sex no money just football". Clearly desperate to get as many to their site as possible although it's not obvious why they bothered. How long would the disappointed searcher stay??

Anyway, it got me wondering...

Do we get any poor spellers looking for porn?

Perhaps poor typists looking for chests?

Tom Chivers said...

I don't monitor every search engine hit word - but basically - no! We get people looking for things related to chess, but no sex, no porn, no chests in either sense... Although we do get 'jesus arena brixton' which I have no idea what it is, but has come up more than once. We also get some hits looking for clubs in brixton - I assume this is 'night clubs'!