Friday, February 09, 2007


"Soviet-style, I was not very concerned about hygiene. In my suitcase
there were a few sets of underwear, which I had brought with me from
Leningrad. Karin did not know how to conduct herself, but my behaviour
seriously irritated her. And one day she exclaimed: 'My husband changes
his underwear everyday!' And I remembered this phrase all my life."

... but who is our grandmaster?


ejh said...

Anybody trying to look this up on Google, by the way, will find that the only reference is to this blog entry!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea of the answer but it reminds me of when a Rumanian GM turned up to an 11 round tournament in a hot climate with a tiny overnight bag and a computer.
"Hey, that can't be all your clothes in there" I commented. "Yes it is" he smiled, "I'm not trying to look for a woman you know".

Anonymous said...

It was Victor Korchnoi, the quote taken from his biography "Chess is my Life".

Apparently he suffered a certain culture shock after defecting to the west.