Saturday, August 06, 2011

Completely offensive slogans that must be banned

Big story breaking today. We'll start on it properly tomorrow. In the meantime, don't miss Martin's Chess in Art: Postscript piece which will, undeservedly, get pushed down the batting order a bit more quickly than would usually be the case.

Source Material: originally spotted on an EC Forum post by Sebastian Stone


Jane Winter said...

Dear Streatham & Brixton Chess Club,

I know that Boris is a bit of an oaf, but what is so offensive about saying that playing chess is normal in the context of a gay pride event, which he obviously attended voluntarily? Perhaps Boris plays chess, and just wanted to make the point that being gay and playing chess are both perfectly normal? I sincerely hope that your chess club is not homophobic? Jane Winter

Anonymous said...

If I had a son, which I don't, and said hypothetical son had won a prize at the British Chess Championships, I would be seriously concerned if a photo appeared on the internet with my son next to that slogan. To my mind, it would give bullies or even wind up merchants a licence to tease.

Jonathan B said...

Dear Jane,

My favourite parody contributions - the funniest - are the ones when you're not really sure whether it's a parody or not. It does make it rather difficult to know how to respond.

Anyhoo, you may rest assured that the S&B Chess Blog - we are not formally affiliated with S&B Chess Club - is not homophobic.

Anyway, thanks for your contribution - a work of genius.

Dear Anonymous,

while respecting your views, might I ask what if your hypothetical son was gay or what if you had a hypothetical daughter who was a lesbian?

Anyootoyou, more on this tomorrow. More on the *real* issue, I mean.

Jonathan B said...

PS: For the record, I'm as fond of Boris as I am of Ray Keene.