Monday, January 15, 2007

Stoneleigh Trophy - Update!

Last week on Wednesday, Streatham & Brixton Chess Club's team in the Stoneleigh Trophy scored a convincing 5½ - 2½ victory over South Norwood. I'd not played in the Trophy before, but really enjoyed its novel format. Whereby, each team has four players, whose grades must total ECF600 or under, and they face each other twice: once as black, once as white; the time limit for each game being all moves in half an hour.

Hero of the night for us was Chris on Board 4, who won both his games. I was pleased with my 1½/2 result on board 3 as well. Although having said that, I can't be quite as happy with my beer-inflected standard of play, as the blunder-sacrifice-swindle that won me my second game should make clear:

The next Stoneleigh Trophy match is on Wednesday 31st January, away to Surbiton. Good luck to everyone playing in that one.

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