Monday, January 29, 2007

Benasque 2007

Further to my posting about this year's tournament in Benasque: I can now announce that the dates of the tournament are 5-14 July.

You can access information here: click on Entrar and then the PDF on the next page, though it looks unfinished to me. I know the complete entry form exists, because I've seen it - but at time of writing I can only detect the front page on the web.

I can't guarantee that enquiries in English will be correctly understood, so unless you're confident in your Spanish (which I'm not either, but I get by) it may be best at this stage to send them through me!


Tom Chivers said...

And smack bang in the middle of that is - my sister's birthday!

Remind me Justin - what is the nearest airport, which are the hotels we should be looking at?

ejh said...

Hotels? No idea, though there's a long list on the entry form. I'll probably be staying at the campsite again!

Airport - Zaragoza. Or alternatively one could come from Barcelona way (Reus or Girona) or via France (Pau or even Toulouse?).

Anonymous said...

It is soon after I get allocated some A Level marking to do- it may not give me enough time to finish it.I suspect it will but I will need to check to see if the timescale is ok. Will also need to see that last week's form hasn't become permanent, or there will be little point playing any chess over the summer!